Psychic Dreams

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Many people report psychic dreams or dreams with psychic elements, where the dreamer experiences something or gains information that they couldn't have accessed otherwise. You may think that you don't have any psychic ability, but your dreaming mind may actually be more open to psychic experiences without all the day-to-day activity to distract it. The challenge is trying to figure out whether a particular dream was really psychic.

Precognitive Dreams

"Is my dream going to come true?" This question comes up often among among dreamers. They want to know whether their dream is a psychic dream predicting the future, often called a precognitive dream. Particularly of concern are disturbing dreams, such as a plane crash, attack, or other harmful event. The only reliable way to tell if your dream is a precognitive dream is to wait and see if it comes true. However, you may be able to find some clues by following this exercise:

Exercise: Precognitive Dream Tracking

  1. Keep a regular journal of your dreams.

  2. In each dream, highlight the aspects that you think could possibly be psychic or predictive.

  3. Periodically revisit the dreams you thought might be psychic and note any real-live events that could have been represented by that dream.

  4. When you find a dream that was psychic, pay attention to the patterns of that dream so you can watch for them in future dreams. For example, was the dream very vivid, long or short, detailed or vague, literal or symbolic, etc.

  5. Once you get a feel for how your psychic dreams tend to present themselves, you'll know better how to recognize your future psychic dreams.

Although precognitive dreams are the main kind that come to mind when we think of psychic dreams, there are several other kinds of dreams that can be considered psychic.

Clairvoyant Dream

In this type of dream, the dreamer "tunes in" psychically to an actual situation or location in real-time, as if the dreamer is actually present at that location. An example would be dreaming at 2:30am Eastern Time that a train derails in Union Station, and then finding out the next morning that there was an actual derailment at that time, and the train looks like the one in the dream. To validate this kind of psychic dream, the dreamer would need to know or be able to find out the real-world location he visited in the dream and find out whether the event in the dream was actually taking place at the time of the dream.

Telepathic Dream

This kind of psychic dream involves the transfer of thoughts and/or feelings from one individual to another in a way other than through the usual 5 senses. An example would be a dream where one dreamer sees a friend in a dream and conveys an idea without words or gestures, after which the dreamers confirm the dream and the idea that was communicated. This type of psychic dream is easily verifiable by checking with the person that you dreamed about.

Collective Dreaming

Collective dreaming is when two or more people dream share the same dream simultaneously, each presumably having a psychic presence with the other individuals. Of course, you can easily validate this kind of psychic dream by checking with the other individuals you saw in the dream to see if they remember the same dream. One variation of this type of psychic dream is where several individuals have a similar, but not exactly the same, dream. For example, several family members once dreamed within two nights that a certain relative's teeth fell out. This dream would be worth exploring for potential psychic dynamics.

Psychic Knowledge Dream

Some dreams are said to tapping into information otherwise not accessible, or to draw from sources of knowledge beyond that of the known world. For example, it is said that the chemist who discovered the circular structure of the benzene ring first dreamed about it as a snake circling back on itself, biting its tail. Other dreamers claim to have found answers in their dreams to questions they had recently been pondering. In these cases, it would be challenging to prove whether the information originated somewhere in the depths of the dreamer's mind or from some outside source. However, perhaps in this type of psychic dream the source of the information is not as important as its value to the dreamer.