The Curious Dreamer is a natural language dream symbol search engine. When a word, phrase or series of words is entered in the search field, The Curious Dreamer attempts to find relevant dream symbols and other information. This is then neatly displayed for the user's evaluation.

For example, if you enter "flying", the Dream Symbol for "flying" is returned. If you enter a sentence describing your dream like, "I was flying over the ocean at night and I saw seagulls" the dream symbols for "flying", "night", "ocean" and "seagull" would be returned. If you included the word "nightmare", in addition to dream symbols, a Glossary entry for "nightmare" would be returned.

The search engine employed attempts to parse natural english phrases and return relevant matching dream symbols and other information. Results are grouped for clarity with dream symbols apearing first and other matches following in formatted groups. The search engine knows enough to offer multiple definitions for given phrases and to offer results without an exact match. Results tend to be a bit liberal with choices left to the user about what is most relevant with regard to the dream being analyzed.