Common Dreams

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Your life, or your family and/or household.

Being chased or attacked

Persecution, hostility, aggression, criticism, boundaries being threatened.


Helplessness, loss of security.


Freedom, happiness or joy, positive attitude.

Teeth falling out

Physical, mental, or life imbalance.


Neglecting responsibility, avoidance, fear of losing control, passive-aggression towards authority.

Driving a car

You, moving forward through your life experiences.

Losing an item

Losing in your life whatever that item represents (e.g., losing keys = losing your identity).

Pregnant/having a baby

Your relationship with your inner child, or exploring having a child or a responsibility.

Phone problems

A need to communicate.


Vulnerable or exposed, especially to other people's opinions and judgments.


The end of a phase in life before a new one begins, or feeling tired or weak.


The primary characteristic of that animal (e.g., frog = "making leaps forward in life").

Sex/Physical intimacy

Emotional relationship, or closeness or familiarity between two people.


(natural, plane crash, etc.) Fear of the unknown or of losing control of circumstances.


An actual test, or something in your life that feels challenging.