Interpret Your Dream

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Write Down Your Dream

Write a description of your dream right after you wake up, when the details are still fresh. It may help you remember you dream better if you review the dream in your mind from beginning to end as you're waking up,before you open your eyes. Then review the dream again as you write it down. Once your dream is written down, you have the option to come back to it later. If you don't write down your dream, you're likely to forget it.

Interpret your dream

What stands out?

Think about what in the dream stands out or seems most important, such as items, symbols, people or events.

Consider dream context

Pay attention to context of events in the dream. Consider what happens in the dream, but also how it happens. Not just who's in the dream, but where they are and what they're doing, and what stands out about them.

Translate dream meaning

Try interpreting what your dream is saying based on your own life circumstances, or consult a dream dictionary or get an interpretation from a dream expert, such as at

Use your intuition

Pay attention to what your intuition says about why you had the dream. After all, you created the dream, and so on some level you already know what it means. Try this process to tap into your inner wisdom:

Sit down with pen and paper, and ask yourself, "What is this dream telling me?" Then start writing and see what answers come forward. Write down everything that comes to mind, then re-read everything and see what strikes you as true. There is likely a depth of information and emotions that you can access this way. Often, dreams are the starting places for great healing and insight if you go ahead and delve into the feelings and messages within. Once you have an idea of the dream meaning, follow your intuition as to what actions (if any) you see as appropriate and positive to take.

Check a dream dictionary

Look at the meaning of common dream symbols in a dream dictionary to start with. The meanings described in a dream dictionary may or may not apply to your particular dream.

Consult a dream expert

To learn the most likely meaning of your particular dream and what it says about you and your life right now, try getting a dream interpretation from a dream expert. Low-cost dream interpretations are available from sites such as