Dream Dialoguing

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The symbols and characters in your dream were created by your subconscious mind, so on some level you already know what they mean. One way to tap into this inner wisdom is by asking each dream symbol or character what it means. You can do this through a written dialogue:

With pen and paper, sit down and start writing a dialog with a symbol from your dream. In this example where the dream symbol is a snake, the dialog might start like this:

Me: Hey, snake from my dream - why were you in my dream?

Dream snake: I was there to tell you something important about something you're afraid of, like me.

Me: In the dream, you were hiding in the grass, and then you came out suddenly. What does that mean?

Dream snake: It means I represent something that lurks unseen most of the time, but could come out at you at any time.

Me: Let's see. What is like that in my life that I'm afraid of, and that's been on my mind lately. Oh, it's pop quizzes in school, like the one Mrs. Kensington gave us yesterday.

Dream snake: Yes, and in the dream, I was moving away from you.

Me: Yes. That must mean that the scary thing is over, because you were going away.

Dream snake: Yes, it represents the fact that the pop quiz has just happened, and there's not likely to be another one soon.