Dream Symbol


Hair or hairstyle can represent:

  • Personality, style or perceived role the person plays in your life
  • State of body, mind, or emotion
  • A part of a person's appearance that helps identify who that person represents in the dream

Something wrong with a person's hair (weird color, missing, too much, in the wrong places, etc.), may reflect a problem or situation you feel that person is having in real life. For example, being covered in hair could mean you're feeling overwhelmed or out of balance in your life, and pulling out your hair could represent frustration or rejection of something about yourself or your situation.

The characteristics of a stranger's hair, or a new color or style of hair on someone you know, may be a clue to what that person represents. Consider what that hair characteristic means to you—for example, gray hair might represent older or experienced, and a short, neat haircut could represent well-organized or conservative.