Dream Symbol
year in school

year in school

Consider what the particular year in school (1st Grade, 6th Grade, Freshman year, etc.) means to you. For example, 1st Grade might represent childhood, new beginnings, or learning the basics. 7th Grade might represent adolescents or adolescent behavior. Freshman year might represent fresh starts, or a new phase or environment. Senior year might represent being an expert, or being almost done with a phase, worried about achieving a challenge (represented by graduation), having fun, or growing up.

Dreaming that you are in an earlier grade than you actually are, or dreaming that you are still in school when you are actually not, can mean:

  • The dream focuses on something from that earlier time frame (events, people, feelings, unresolved issues, unfinished business, etc.
  • The dream is examining how far you've come since that time frame, or differences between then and now
  • Something in your current life causes you to feel less mature or less capable, or perhaps you feel like someone is talking down to you or treating you like a child
see also: school, kindergarten
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