Dream Symbol
judgment or disapproval

judgment or disapproval
  • Actual judgment or disapproval
  • A feeling or fear of receiving disapproval or being judged
  • A desire for approval
  • Fear of disapproval somehow in real life
  • Anger, shame, jealousy, etc.

You judging someone or something, meaning thinking of it as bad or wrong, or giving it a negative label, can mean:

  • You're actually judging the same aspect in yourself that you're judging in the dream
  • You're trying to distance yourself from whatever or whomever you are judging in the dream
  • You're angry at the person or about a situation
  • You could benefit by practicing more acceptance, tolerance, or forgiveness
Be careful that your judgments and limitations aren't keeping you from seeing the true meaning or value, such as the real person behind the action, or the usefulness or lesson in the situation.