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recurring dream

recurring dream

A dream can recur because the matter involved is somehow is important, urgent, or difficult for your subconscious mind to process. It can indicate unresolved emotions or other unfinished business from a real-life situation, and some inner process or outer action is often necessary to resolve the situation in order for the dream to stop recurring. Also, consider whether the same thing triggered the dream each time (such as having a nightmare about spiders after each time you encounter a feared situation in real life).

Inner dynamics of recurring dreams can include:

  • The issue in the dream is very important or very pertinent to your life each time you had the dream
  • You haven't addressed the underlying issue behind the dream yet (fear, need for change, etc.)
  • You haven't gotten the message the dream is portraying yet
  • If the dream is pleasant, you may simply be repeating the dream because you enjoy it
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