Dream Symbol


Someone returning to you or to a place can represent the idea of, a desire for, or a fear of:

  • Reunion
  • Returning to the past, or situation similar to a past one
  • Restoring, recreating, or revisiting something from the past
  • Resuming a process that had been interrupted
  • The feeling of missing someone or something, or of wanting them back
  • The idea of going home again or of feeling the security of "home"

Revisiting a place can represent:

  • A desire for familiar surroundings
  • A need or desire to repeat a past activity, perhaps because of unfinished business

Returning an item you've purchased or received can represent:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Rejection
  • Judgment, criticism, or the feeling of "not good enough"
  • The idea of getting rid of things (relationships, beliefs, etc.) that are not serving you well
Returning an item (such as an engagement ring) to the person who gave it to you can represent an ending or discontinuing a commitment.