Dream Symbol
dream within a dream

dream within a dream

Dreaming that you go to sleep and have another dream can be a device the subconscious mind uses to indicate a change in context or timeframe within the original dream, such as:

  • A review of an earlier or later situation than that of the original dream
  • A change to a different level of detail, consciousness, or mood of the dreamer
  • A portrayal of a "what if" scenario, perhaps that is a bit of a stretch for the dreamer to imagine
  • A temporary diversion in the dream itself, or representing an actual temporary diversion in the dreamer's life
  • An aspect of the dreamer's life that the dreamer tends to compartmentalize or to see separately from the rest of their life
  • A matter that the subconscious mind suddenly decides to explore
  • A typical shift from one event in a series to the next, then happening to return to the first event
  • Some other shift in reality or perception