Dream Symbol


Vulnerability or openness. Dreaming you are naked can mean:

  • You're feeling vulnerable or exposed somehow, perhaps to other people's opinions and judgments
  • You feel or fear that you try too hard, or are too forthcoming, in relationships
  • You feel or fear that you've rushed things in a certain relationship
  • Basic, simple, or unadorned, such as "the naked truth"

Showing up naked in a public place (and being embarrassed) can mean you're subconsciously afraid of being embarrassed, singled out, etc. in a social situation or that it's important to you to fit in, maintain appearances, or be accepted.

Being naked in a public place (and you intend to be) can mean:

  • You're comfortable with yourself and you don't tend to let other's opinions limit you
  • You have nothing to hide in whatever situation the dream represents