Dream Symbol
being betrayed

being betrayed

Dreaming that someone is untrustworthy or a traitor can mean you're feeling suspicious of them somehow in real life, or you're exploring a worst-case scenario, or you're feeling paranoid or suspicious in general.

Your loved one betraying you can mean:

  • You're feeling insecure about your ability to hold their interest, or you're afraid of the idea of them cheating on you
  • You're feeling jealous about your loved one devoting time or attention to something other than you (work, a hobby, watching TV, using the computer, etc.)—having nothing to do with any actual cheating

Someone other than a romantic partner betraying you can mean:

  • There's someone in your life whom you don't really trust
  • You do not trust God (or feel God has betrayed you)
  • You do not trust yourself (or feel you have betrayed yourself)