Dream Symbol
time frame

time frame

The time frame, period, or era depicted in a dream usually has significant meaning.

  • It may set the mood, such as a dream set in the 1800s Wild West might be depicting your current workplace as wild or unpredictable
  • The time frame may also point to a certain time of your life (for example, a dream about high school may represent something real events or feelings about that time of your life)—Look for a parallel events, thoughts, decisions, feelings, etc. from that time in your past

However, the concept of timeframe can be tricky. For example, the subconscious mind often uses very familiar events from the past to represent current events in your life. For example, a dream about your high school graduation 20 years ago might actually represent the promotion you just received last week. Another example is when the subconscious uses a past boyfriend or girlfriend to represent your current one.