Dream Symbol

  • Nourishment for the body, mind, emotions, soul, or spirit
  • A quality associated with the type of food (for example, caviar representing expense or extravagance)
  • A quality associated with the food's shape (for example, a sandwich representing feeling "sandwiched" between two people in a conflict)
  • A quality associated with the food's texture, (for example, a banana representing slippery or making a misstep)
  • Characteristics associated with the food in traditional culture, such as a particular occasion setting, timeframe, ethnicity, etc., (for example, egg nog often being associated with the winter holidays or December)
  • The time of day the food it typically eaten (for example, pancakes are often eating in the morning)
For more clues, consider the context of the food (whether it's being eaten, tastes good or bad, is being served to you, etc.), its characteristics, and what comes to mind when you think of the specific type of food.