Dream Symbol

  • The way a person wants to portray themselves to the world
  • Something of value to you, such as love, acceptance, sentimentality
  • A commitment, treasure, or remembrance given from one person to another
  • An actual important gift or characteristic of the dreamer, a treasured memory, or a touchstone of a certain idea, event, or goal that's important to the dreamer

Someone putting on jewelry can represent their embellishing of their appearance, or their embellishing of a story or other communication.

The type of jewelry you see someone else wearing can say something about your opinions of that person and how you think they want to appear to others.

Jewelry you're wearing or desiring can represent something valuable that you want in real life, or it can show a low sense of self-worth by attempting to boost your self-value through superficial, material items.

Also search for the specific types of jewelry.

Losing jewelry can mean:

  • You feel you've lost touch with a certain aspect of yourself or your life (depending on the type of jewelry)
  • You have lost your sense of self-value somehow
  • You could benefit by taking more responsibility to care for yourself
  • You are overlooking your true, unique value as a person