Dream Symbol


Obedience or obeying can have different meanings depending on how you feel about obeying, but usually involves issues of personal power and control, and questions of who or what is in charge or what you are allowing to be in charge of you.

Choosing to obey against your will or against your better judgment can mean you feel that you're somehow giving your power away in your real life or there's something that needs attention in terms of your personal empowerment.

Being forced to be obedient can mean you're feeling pressure to comply or go along with something in real life, such as rules, another person's expectations, your own self-limiting expectations, etc.

Agreeing to go along with someone or something for positive or healthy reasons, or because it does not compromise your integrity, can represent going along with something in real life, considering doing so.

Obeying can also represent a feeling of respect for the ideas or opinions of the person you're obeying.

Be careful not to confuse obeying a person with loving that person. Obeying is usually about a balance of power or control, and love is not.